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Everything has changed. The social media revolution has irreversibly altered the way we live our lives and conduct our business. Learn how Crush It will give you the tools necessary to harness this transformation and accelerate your career and business.
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Crush It! – Press and Reviews

“If you’re stuck in a job that you’re not passionate about, this powerful little book will inspire you to pursue your true calling in life. Better yet, it clearly lays out the process of how you can turn your excitement about an idea or a hobby into activity that will drive it forward into a viable business.”

Inc. Magazine “The Best Books for Business Owners of 2009″

“Crush It!” is an intriguing inside look at Vaynerchuk’s practices and a quick entertaining read at just 160 dense pages.”

Chris Cameron, ReadWriteWeb

“Whether you need a primer on using social media for personal branding or you’d like to condense all the information available online into a short read, this book is definitely one to keep on hand”

Personal Branding Magazine “The February Book Review” Volume 3, Issue 3

“…if you’re looking for motivation to pursue your passion, Vaynerchuk delivers the goods.”

Robert Pagliarini, CBS Money Watch

“…Vaynerchuk’s book is full of valuable advice presented in a down-to-earth style.”

- Katharine Brooks, Psychology Today

“In his book “Crush It!” (HarperStudio, 2009), Gary Vaynerchuk shares the best customer-engagement invitation I’ve seen.”

Barbara Findlay Schenck, MSN Busines

“This man has changed my life.”

- Christine Roman, CNN’s “Your $$$$”

“He’s more hyper than Emeril, more cheerful than Rachael Ray, more street than Bobby Flay and cockier than all of them combined.”

- Joel Stein, Time Magazine

“How do you spell exuberance? It starts with a ‘V’.”

- Seth Godin, Bestselling Author

“You know, what I like about you [Gary] is that you take the snootiness out of wine”

- Jimmy Fallon, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

“Gary Vaynerchuk may sound like an all-American boy, but at 33 he is a successful, grown-up businessman who has put his enthusiasms — and his penchant for publicity — to work”>

- Jan M. Rosen, New York Times

“What began as a daily video blog about wine has become a self-help, business-advice juggernaut, with “Garyvee” as chief engineer.”

- Sara Nelson, Wall Street Journal

“Charging ahead into the information-age and turning early social-media to his advantage, he has not only become one of the most recognizable wine celebrities in the US, but a key-note motivational speaker for small businesses and corporations alike.”

Christopher Lapinel, The Examiner

“For Vaynerchuk, the Web was always about more than just selling wine. Vaynerchuk sees video blogs, social networks like Facebook, and microblogging services like Twitter and Pownce as tools for building a personal online brand.”

- Catherine Holahan, Business Week

“If you want an example or a lesson in personal branding and in using all the tools you’ve got, Gary is the poster child.”

- John Jantsch, Business Week

“The most endearing piece of Vaynerchuk’s persona is the part where he tells you not to be afraid to speak your mind, to go ahead and drink what you like.”

- Rachel Wharton, NY Daily News

“Gary Vaynerchuk demystifies wine-buying with wit, wisdom, and Webcasts.”

- Jonathan S. Paul, New York Magazine

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